International solidarity !

Posted: 7 May, 2020 Categories: News

The COVID-19 pandemic continues despite the nice weather. The SPG-Rytz Group invites you to discover a few examples of uplifting activities and positive initiatives that will prove to be heart-warming during these difficult times.


The joy of music

During confinement, some people have chosen to express themselves through music. Artists like Shania Twain and Stephane Eicher have created a parody of the song ‘Llorona’, which you will find online on the ‘120 Minutes’ YouTube channel.


The CEE-ROO pajama session, recorded on five rooftops in the city of Bienne gives us another great example of musical creation during this period of confinement.


And finally, it’s not only professional musicians who have taken to singing: in Italy the songs of residents have been echoing through the streets and courtyards for several weeks now. As you’ll discover in the video below, music isn’t the only amusing activity people are engaging in from their balconies.


Surprising innovations

Some people are also putting their grey matter to work by proposing innovative solutions to various problems presented by the pandemic. This is the case of young Romeo, 14 years old, who is working from home making masks for healthcare workers.

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© Sophie Delpont/RADIOFRANCE


It’s also the case of Ashley Lawrence, a young American student, who has created protective masks to accommodate the hearing-impaired, as the masks allow the wearer’s lips to be read.

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© Ashley Lawrence


Spring is here, and with it, the radiant sunshine that makes us dream of barbecues on the terrace. Unfortunately, this activity isn’t very compatible with the safety guidelines currently in place. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Discover how an OBS journalist and her neighbours managed to enjoy a barbecue from their balconies, while observing social distancing.


For families, being confined at home brings its share of challenges in terms of keeping the kids busy. Luckily, the canton of Vaud has thought of everything. Discover their repertoire of suggested activities for any parent with children at home!

Répertoire d'idées pour occuper ses enfants en confinement.


Well-deserved thanks

For several weeks, every night at 9 o’clock in every city, the applause of the residents rings out in honour of healthcare personnel. Discover the Fribourg version of this show of gratitude, in which traditional bells take the place of applause.


On Easter in Brazil, Christ the Redeemer, himself, adorned in a white gown, pays tribute to physicians and healthcare personnel.


In Switzerland, the Matterhorn, our national symbol, proudly displays messages of hope and solidarity each evening during these difficult times. The work of Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter.

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© Keystone / Valentin Flauraud


The SPG-Rytz Group also wanted to participate in this show of gratitude, which is why the Amandolier Building, located at 30 Route de Chêne in Geneva, displays visuals in honour of the healthcare personnel of the Geneva University Hospitals every evening at 9 o’clock.


We’re in this together!

To complete this reassuring list, the SPG-Rytz Group would like to share this particularly touching video of Yann Marguet. We wish you all the best in the weeks to come.


If you are inspired by these examples, you should know that you, too, can participate in the solidarity efforts.

The Red Cross ‘Five up’ application, launched in 2019, aims to simplify management and networking in voluntary commitments. It allows people to offer their services, for example, to do someone’s grocery shopping or to take care of someone’s pet. The Swiss Red Cross and the Swiss Public Welfare Society (SSUP) are two of the company’s most important partners. Feel free to download the application and offer your services!

Please note that a hotline has been set up at 058 400 41 43 to assist those in need who do not have a smartphone or internet access. The call centre will put them in touch with volunteers from the Five up community.

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