Solidarity Actions

The SPG-Rytz group supports mutual assistance and cooperation projects that meet the needs of the impoverished sections of the population. This social role is inscribed in our company’s charter. In accordance with a well-established tradition, we actively participate in specific activities with well-defined goals and we establish direct contacts between the persons who manage those projects and those who stand to benefit from them.

The SPG-Rytz group’s social actions have become more diversified over time. In addition to the traditional New Year’s greeting cards, we have added active backing for selected projects in the humanitarian and environmental fields. Altogether, these activities form the root of an “effective solidarity” which, while it is relatively small in comparison to the scale of the needs, is heart-felt and efficient.


This phrase is inscribed in the SPG-Rytz group company’s charter. Seven fields of intervention have been designated as meeting the company’s core values. These fields include: disadvantaged children, health, sustainable development and environment, art and culture, social projects, education as well as sports and leisure.

Every year, the SPG-Rytz group contributes financially to projects that it feels have had a real impact for its beneficiaries. Our donations in Switzerland account for more than 50 percent of our available annual budget, and help a total of more than 50 beneficiaries.


  • Type of association: mostly small structures with which SOCIÉTÉ PRIVÉE DE GÉRANCE is able to make and maintain sustainable personalized contacts.
  • Projects aim  at helping underprivileged children in terms of health, education and ecology.
  • Entrepreneurial dimension: the associations, which must be located in Switzerland and registered in the companies register, must have been founded by one or more persons, independently, in the context of a personal or community project, in Switzerland or abroad.

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Solidarity news 2017

Posted: December 11, 2017 View photo gallery

In 2017, the SOCIÉTÉ PRIVÉE DE GÉRANCE supported the following association :

Association Maili – Entraide pour le Népal

As part of its 2017 greeting cards’ edition, the SPG-Rytz group supported MAILI, a non-profit Association funding projects in Nepal.

Thanks to the support and recommendations of the SPG-Rytz group, other donations were made. These amounts will enable a  project for children to be launched in 2017. It will most likely be a weekly boarding scheme in Lapu for children who live several hours” walk away from school. They will be able to sleep there, if they are too tired.

Visit their website for more information:

Solidarity news 2016

Posted: September 09, 2017

In 2016, the SPG-Rytz group lent its support to the Foundation Goutte d’eau, a network of associations that works to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable children in Cambodia.

Solidarity news 2015

Posted: June 06, 2016

In 2015, the SPG-Rytz group supported the Foundation SOLYNA, which fights against child sex trafficking in South-East Asia.

Solidarity news 2014

Posted: October 10, 2014 View photo gallery

In 2014, the SPG-Rytz group supported the “Biking USA” project.

Grégory Grobon biked across the United States to support the 2nd Chance association which performs reconstructive surgery in disadvantaged countries. From Los Angeles to New York, Grégory Grobon covered 5,744 km and 14 states, in 9 weeks.

The cheque was handed over on January 22nd 2015. You can find all evening’s pictures on the SPG Intercity blog.

Associations supported in recent years

  • Foundation SOLYNA
    fights against child sex trafficking in South-East Asia.
  • Association Keiser Initiative for Uganda
    provides direct and concrete help to inhabitants of villages located inside Queen Elisabeth Park in Uganda. They support the local population by improving health and hygiene conditions and by promoting child education.
  • Fondation Eve la Vie
    offers assistance and personalized care to people who suffer the loss of a loved one.
  • Association Caméléon Suisse located in the Philippines
    welcomes and re-integrates young girls who were abused, receives them in a healthy environment and helps them to prepare for their future.
  • Petite Arche à Genève
    of the Foundation Ensemble welcomes children with intellectual deficiency and related disorders of sensory, motor, communication and/or behavioural types.
  • Maison Chance in Vietnam
    welcomes and educates orphans in an underprivileged area of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Association d'Aide in Gao
    fights against child malnutrition in Gao, Mali.
  • Association Braille Without Borders (BWB)
    managed by Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg and whose aim is to offer blind children an education and the possibility of growing up and being integrated in their environment as naturally as possible.
  • Foundation Restavec in Haiti
    brings help to underprivileged families.
  • Association Un Avenir par l'Ecole
    equips and manages games libraries in Ouagadougou, Mali.
  • Le Sourire de Chiang Khong
    looks after Thai children.
  • Association pour le Soutien au Développment Intégré (ASDI) of Moudatt, Mali
    aims at supporting the population of the Tilemsi Valley area, located in the North-East of Mali, and which is regularly hit by drought and famine.

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