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Ocean Mapping Conference: SPG welcomes Fondation Pacifique

Posted: 12 September, 2019

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) held a conference…

Categories: Environment, Events, Geneva

Prestige Residential Rentals at SPG: our experts at your service!

Posted: 10 September, 2019

The Prestige Residential Rentals Department at Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) specialises in…

Categories: Group's publications

The call of the mountain: Jean Troillet invited by Rytz & Cie SA

Posted: 28 May, 2019

On Thursday, May 23, the agency Rytz & Cie SA had the pleasure…

Categories: Events, Vaud

Topping out Adret Pont-Rouge

Posted: 15 April, 2019

As the result of a competition organised by the Foundation for the Promotion…

Categories: Geneva, Real estate development

African art in the spotlight at the Barbier-Mueller Museum

Posted: 10 April, 2019

No fewer than 200 guests were present on Thursday, April 4, at the…

Categories: Art, Events, Geneva

Ultimate adventurer Mike Horn invited by SPG !

Posted: 10 April, 2019

On Tuesday, April 2, Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) invited Mike Horn for…

Categories: Events, Geneva

The SPG-Rytz Group: a 30-year partnership

Posted: 13 September, 2018

This year, the SPG-Rytz Group celebrates three decades of partnership. In the late…

Categories: Events, Geneva

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