Our values

Three core values lie at the heart of each of our decisions.


1. Transmission, long-term viability

A property is not just any object. It is destined to serve several generations. A new construction planned with concern for its longevity will take more account of the quality of life of its occupants and its impact on the environment. Environmentally-sensitive renovation will enhance its value, as well as the comfort of its future occupants. Enhancement of the value of real estate property is a goal to which we attach great importance. Because we seek a long life for our buildings so that they last and are passed down through generations.


2. Respect

We place respect at the centre of our relationships with our clients, partners and among our employees. The built heritage. Environment. We  strongly feel that there can be no sustainable transmission without respect. In our view, this fundamental notion justifies a constant search for quality and sustainability.



3. Fairness

We attach great importance to respecting the law and assessing each situation fairly and equitably. Within the Group, we encourage independence and a sense of responsability among all employees. Our commitment to in-service training reflects this desire for fairness.

As a privately-owned family business, we enjoy total financial, operational and decision-making and manage risks rigorously in the best interests of our clients. As service providers, we refrain from taking any stake in non-company real-estate development operations. We have no interests in companies in the building and construction sector. As a result, we are totally free to select our partners on the basis of objective criteria, such as quality or price, or to meet the owners’ preferences.

Company Charter


  1. We are leaders.
  2. We provide quality services.
  3. We develop new products with limited risks.
  4. We operate intelligently.
  5. We are responsible and autonomous.
  6. We improve our productivity.
  7. We benefit from in-service training.
  8. We prefer long-term employment relationships and stable employment.
  1. We are heeded and listened to during our operations.
  2. We care about our image and develop relationships based in trust.
  3. We are available and attentive to our clients.
  4. We reinforce the company’s financial capacity.
  5. We have a social role to play.
  6. We work with full respect for all laws and ethical considerations.
  7. We encourage innovation.
  8. We seek to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

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