Our values

Three core values lie at the heart of each of our decisions.


1. Transmission, long-term viability

A property is not just any object. It is destined to serve several generations. A new construction planned with concern for its longevity will take more account of the quality of life of its occupants and its impact on the environment. Environmentally-sensitive renovation will enhance its value, as well as the comfort of its future occupants. Enhancement of the value of real estate property is a goal to which we attach great importance. Because we seek a long life for our buildings so that they last and are passed down through generations.


2. Respect

We place respect at the centre of our relationships with our clients, partners and among our employees. The built heritage. Environment. We  strongly feel that there can be no sustainable transmission without respect. In our view, this fundamental notion justifies a constant search for quality and sustainability.



3. Fairness

We attach great importance to respecting the law and assessing each situation fairly and equitably. Within the Group, we encourage independence and a sense of responsability among all employees. Our commitment to in-service training reflects this desire for fairness.

As a privately-owned family business, we enjoy total financial, operational and decision-making and manage risks rigorously in the best interests of our clients. As service providers, we refrain from taking any stake in non-company real-estate development operations. We have no interests in companies in the building and construction sector. As a result, we are totally free to select our partners on the basis of objective criteria, such as quality or price, or to meet the owners’ preferences.

Company Charter


Values & Identity

As a family-run business spanning 3 generations, we seek to uphold ethics, our family DNA, and our sharp sense of quality as essential values and a reflection of our fundamental identity. The family-owned nature of our business has allowed us to develop a long-term vision of all of our activities. We aim to support and foster a positive mindset – thoughtful proactivity founded on common sense, curiosity, flexibility and innovation.

Our family values its financial and decision-making independence. We foster materially and intellectually autonomous relations vis-à-vis all of the stakeholders in our different fields. We are able to identify and evaluate potential conflicts of interest and are committed to dealing with these to the best of our ability as part of our duty of loyalty to our clients.


Work philosophy

We are respectful of maintaining everyone’s work/life balance. In our work, we are committed to achieving our set performance targets with a positive and enthusiastic mindset. We strive to always attain our own standards of precision and excellence.


Client and partner relations

Our premium positioning allows us to offer our customers a quality service, committing the necessary means to obtain the best results, and guaranteeing the sustainability and continuity of the commitments we undertake.

Each of our specialists aims to create value for our clients. Our role as a global real estate consultancy likewise compels us to take an interest in, understand, and respond to the other potential needs of our clients within all our fields of expertise.


Strategic development

We have sensible ambitions for development and growth, backed by a risk management policy. We view our growth not as a means to an end, but rather as a way to strengthen our competitive edge.

We are thus careful to maintain and expand our current products and services, as well as anticipating the boom of new technologies and the digital sphere.



As an agent, we have a solemn duty to maintain professional secrecy.


Sustainable development

We strive to have a positive impact. The decisions we make and the actions we take are guided by the quest for balance between the three pillars of sustainable development: economic performance and development, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

Economic performance and development

With regards to our family shareholding structure, we choose to prioritise those investments necessary for the company’s short-, medium-, and long-term development, ahead of shareholder dividends.

Social responsibility

The human factor is essential to the overall balance of our business activities. Our company’s social role forms an integral part of our corporate culture and is demonstrated in various domains: work environment, health and safety, training, sports and leisure, charity and culture.

Environmental protection

We are committed to regular action and innovative projects in support of environmental protection. Our strategy in relation to this is based on three distinct axes: managing our carbon footprint, monitoring and improving the housing stock we manage, and advising our clients on environmental planning.


Research, development and innovation

We view innovation as a form of permanent curiosity that allows everything already existing to be improved upon. This philosophy does not set us in an endless cycle of disruptive revolution; rather, we seek ongoing evolution. Everyone is free to innovate on their own scale, as well as across the board. We consider innovation not to be merely a means to an end, but a way to increase quality, convenience and productivity.



Our mission is to create value for our clients by offering them a global range of complementary and specialised real estate services: from studies and investment and valuation advice, to the management, brokerage and coordination of projects.

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