Commercial rentals

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Commercial Rentals

The Commercial Rentals department consists of a team of multilingual professionals having thorough knowledge of the Geneva and Vaud markets. It assists owners and tenants of all categories of business premises.

We offer offices, arcades, warehouses, as well as craft and industrial surfaces for lease. Our portfolio currently consists of about a hundred properties entrusted to us by owners.

We also work with lessees looking for commercial premises, by assisting them during commercial lease-related decision-making and negotiation.

For each of our mandates we take care of all advisory operations. Our leases are custom-drafted, under the supervision of qualified legal experts. We work in close collaboration with the company SPG INTERCITY – specializing in commercial properties and with offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel – as well as with the international group Cushman & Wakefield, which are among the world leaders in commercial property and whose head offices are based in London and New York.

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The Commercial Rentals Team

François Delaite

Commercial Rentals Manager (GE)
T.  +41 58 810 31 70


  • Property valuation
  • Drafting of promotional documents
  • Advertising in trade press
  • Managing visits
  • Dealing with any negotiations,
  • Customized leases drafted under the supervision of qualified legal experts

Commercial rentals

Our rental portfolio


Private mansion


Office space in the heart of the city


Located in Quai des Bergues

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