Property Management

Property management has been at the heart of the SPG-Rytz Group’s activities for decades. It forms the tradition and know-how of our real estate management division, which is active throughout the Lake Leman region.


Property management, the heart of our activities

 The Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) in Geneva and Rytz & Cie SA in the canton of Vaud (agencies in Nyon and Lausanne) manage a vast portfolio of residential, rental, commercial, social, condominium and cooperative properties on behalf of all types of owners. In order to optimise the ecosystem of our assets under management, we have structured our management services into several groups of professionals specialized in management and supported by our accounting and IT departments. The substantial size of the real estate portfolio managed by our group warrants the use and development of our own statistical tools. These tools allow us to anticipate new trends in the real estate the market and to offer a customized service to our clients.




Personalized management of your real estate assets

As a major player in the Swiss real estate market, the SPG-Rytz Group aims to offer its clients a customized, value-added service, in a spirit of deep respect for the real estate and its proprietors. Each owner benefits from a unique contact within the group, who masters his dossiers in the smallest details. A single point of contact for our owner clients ensures:

  • Permanent availability and rapid reaction
  • High efficiency, constantly reinforced by the continuous training of our employees
  • Perfect knowledge of the client dossiers
  • Constant administrative and technical follow-up
  • Proximity and continuity in the relationship
  • Particular care taken in the preparation of the documents sent to our owners. Rental statements, budgets, five-year comparisons… accessible at all times on our secure platform online.

Real estate management calls upon a large number of different skills and professions. As one of the largest real estate companies in the Lake Geneva region, the SPG-Rytz Group is able to offer you a complete range of services, capable of meeting your most specific needs.


A management mandate in six key stages

A management mandate is carried out in several stages. At each stage of the mandate, the manager responsible for the real estate portfolio is your sole contact and assists you in all technical, administrative and financial aspects of the development of your property.

The manager relies on the skills of our specialized services, such as SPG Prorenova, to carry out a complete diagnosis of maintenance and renovation needs, or our Real Estate Developments division in order to adapt the mandate to environmental standards.

The manager then implements the recommendations you have made, within the timeframe you require, and monitors the decisions made. If necessary, adjustments are made. Throughout the mandate, you benefit from regular and transparent reporting. These six key steps guarantee you, year after year, the constant enhancement of your property.

The advantages of our property management services

  • A single, experienced contact for each owner
  • Multi-service support
  • Efficient management tools, clear and direct communication
  • Rigorous day-to-day management, documented anticipations and comparisons for decision making
  • Methods adapted to the expectations of both local and international partners
  • A wide range of combined services
  • Excellent consulting capacity
  • Global and long-term vision


Your real estate portfolio 24/7 is spg-rytz online

The SPG-Rytz Group was a pioneer in setting up an online service for consulting property management accounts: This system is available at all times and allows our clients to consult all their accounts at their convenience. Clients can access a wide range of accounts including buildings and rental receipts, maintenance and insurance contracts and generate comparisons of the operating accounts over a period of up to ten years, all thanks to a secure access. This privileged access testifies to the total transparency that we provide our clients of the mandates entrusted to us.


100% Digital, 200% Human

 In a context where the real estate management business is evolving rapidly, the SPG-Rytz Group has adopted an early integration of digital technology in its processes in order to optimize the management of its clients’ properties and to be able to accompany them with high value-added advice. In order to anticipate the needs of our customers, the SPG-Rytz Group strives to offer our clients more practical, safer and more ecological solutions.


Switching to QR-invoices

Until now, customers received their invoices via BVR. This method of payment is now discontinued in Switzerland and is being replaced by the QR-bill. The SPG-Rytz Group supports its customers in this change and offers several options to update their payment methods.

Discover the different options


Call on our experts!

 Management Department:

Geneva: Route de Chêne 36 – 1208 Geneva – Tél: 022 539 13 74
Nyon : Avenue Alfred-Cortot 7 – 1260 Nyon – Tél: 022 539 14 38
Lausanne : Place de la Navigation 14 – 1007 Lausanne – Tél: 022 539 13 87

Caroline Pinatel

Directrice Gérance & PPE (Genève)
T.  +41 58 810 31 75

Geoffrey Jeff Geissmann

Directeur Gérance & PPE (Vaud)
T.  +41 58 810 37 25

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