Management of cooperatives and social buildings

We manage more than 1,000 low-cost and low-income housing properties, as well as some 50 cooperatives.


As an actor in the social housing category, the SPG-Rytz Group contributes to the efforts undertaken in the Lake Leman region to meet the demand for social housing by developing expertise in the management of these types of properties: low-cost housing (HBM), mixed housing (HM), subsidised housing (HLM), and housing cooperatives.

The management of social housing and housing cooperatives requires not only long-term planning but also extensive real estate expertise. With many years of experience, we advise our clients on the legal and administrative procedures inherent in the management of public utility buildings, particularly in relation to questions of state subsidies.

What is a housing cooperative?

An intermediate form of housing between traditional rental and ownership. The cooperative owns the building and assumes responsibility for it; the cooperators are formally tenants, but they participate in the decisions and elect the board of directors.


Housing Cooperatives: Comprehensive Support

We provide our clients with complete assistance, from the constitution of a housing cooperative to the annual general meeting and follow-up of decisions as well as the definition of the financial and environmental strategies including its day-to-day management organization and the implementation of a board of directors,.


Sustainable development, a strategic direction

The management of social buildings and housing cooperatives is a direct extension of our group’s philosophy.

Our actions are guided by the three pillars of sustainable development: economic performance and development, social responsibility and environmental preservation. We provide our clients with numerous quality services, such as detailed reporting on the progress of projects, operating accounts for each building and optimized management of a large number of invoices thanks to a high-performance digital network.


Some references of housing cooperatives

Artamis-Coopérative -jonction-gérance-SPG-image

Cooperative free rent and LUP
Chemin du 23-Août 2-4-6-8 – 1205 Geneva

In the Jonction eco-neighborhood, this Minergie®-labeled building includes 48 free-rent and 48 LUP (Logements d’Utilité Publique) housing units, as well as shared roof gardens.



HBM Cooperative
Rue Soubeyran 3 – 1203 Geneva

Located in a district close to all amenities, this building comprises 21 HBM housing units with the THPE (Very High Energy Performance) label.


Call on our experts!

Management Department:
Geneva: Route de Chêne 36 – 1208 Geneva– Tél: 022 539 13 74
Nyon : Avenue Alfred-Cortot 7 – 1260 Nyon – Tél: 022 539 14 38
Lausanne : Place de la Navigation 14 – 1007 Lausanne – Tél: 022 539 13 87

Caroline Pinatel

Director of Property Management (GE)
T.  +41 58 810 31 75

Geoffrey Jeff Geissmann

Director of Property Management (Vaud)
T.  +41 58 810 37 25

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