Management of condominiums commonhold properties (PPE)

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The SPG-Rytz Group’s condominium management service manages all forms of real estate co-ownership, administering nearly 660 buildings in French-speaking Switzerland, and is also responsible for the valuation of co-owned properties. Today, it is one of the most important players in the Lake Leman region in this field.

Definition of a PPE

PPE is a particular form of co-ownership. Each co-owner has an exclusive right to enjoy and use his or her unit and has a share in the common areas of the entire building. The real estate management divisions of the SPG-Rytz Group oversee all types of condominiums throughout the Lake Leman region, in the canton of Geneva and in the canton of Vaud.


A single point of contact for efficient condominium management

Condominium management has always been one of our main areas of activity. Specialized professionals are entirely dedicated to these specific mandates; for each condominium, a single contact person fulfills all mediation functions between the condominium owners, their partners and third parties. In addition, he or she ensures personalized contact, continuous follow-up over time and clear information to all co-owners.


Condominiums, a specialized management

Our professionals, specialized in the management of condominiums, master all the mediation tasks required for the maintenance and development of a condominium property. With their technical know-how in the field of works, they are also competent in the routine maintenance of buildings.

When it comes to larger-scale renovation work, our managers are able to provide concrete and immediate solutions thanks to their close collaboration with a specialized service integrated into the SPG-Rytz group. The 100% coverage of client funds by available liquidity, certified annually by our auditors, guarantees complete financial security.


The SPG-Rytz Group: guaranteed independence

Our Group’s articles of association prohibit any participation in real estate development operations. Furthermore, we do not hold any shares in companies in the construction and building sector and are therefore completely free to select the parties involved in the properties on the basis of objective criteria (quality, price or instructions from the owners). Whatever the legal form of your condominium, we offer you our know-how and experience in administrative, legal, technical and fiscal matters.

Call on our experts!

Management Department:
Geneva: Route de Chêne 36 – 1208 Geneva– Tél: 022 539 13 74
Nyon : Avenue Alfred-Cortot 7 – 1260 Nyon – Tél: 022 539 14 38
Lausanne : Place de la Navigation 14 – 1007 Lausanne – Tél: 022 539 13 87

Caroline Pinatel

Director of Property Management (GE)
T.  +41 58 810 31 75

Geoffrey Jeff Geissmann

Director of Property Management (Vaud)
T.  +41 58 810 37 25

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