Rental management

The rental management service is the showcase of the SPG-Rytz Group and its owner clients; the development and maintenance of real estate is a tradition. The challenge? To take care of rental properties representing a portfolio value of several hundred million on a daily basis, ensuring the satisfaction of everyone – owners, tenants and suppliers. Our rental management service – housing, apartments for rent, commercial arcades, offices, etc. – is active throughout the Lake Leman region, including the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

A substantial real estate portfolio

 In order to ensure the management of a real estate portfolio of 33,000 properties, our real estate agency has structured its teams into several autonomous groups. Our management teams inform our clients about available offers, organize visits and take care of all the administrative tasks involved in managing a rental property. They work in close collaboration with our accounting and IT departments.

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A single point of contact for the management of your rental properties

Our owner clients benefit from a single point of contact who manages and knows their dossier perfectly on all technical, financial and administrative levels. The managers in-depth knowledge allows for decisive and informed decisions to be undertaken quickly when required in various scenarios such as sub-rentals and renovations.

Particular care is taken in the preparation of documents sent to owners, such as rental statements, budgets and comparisons over time. These are available at any time on our secure platform SPG-Rytz Online. Thanks to a large real estate portfolio under management, we have developed our own statistical tools, which allows us to anticipate trends for the benefit of our clients.


Partners of choice

Aware of our role within the Geneva and Vaud economies, we are particularly attentive to ensuring that our activities benefit local companies as a priority and that they are paid as soon as possible. We are also committed to the respect of ethical rules, such as integrity and loyalty, as part of our core values and our operations. Consequently, each partner company is required to sign our ethical charter, confirming its respect for these values.



Call on our experts!

Management Department:
Geneva: Route de Chêne 36 – 1208 Geneva– Tél: 022 539 13 74
Nyon : Avenue Alfred-Cortot 7 – 1260 Nyon – Tél: 022 539 14 38
Lausanne : Place de la Navigation 14 – 1007 Lausanne – Tél: 022 539 13 87

Caroline Pinatel

Director of Property Management (GE)
T.  +41 58 810 31 75

Geoffrey Jeff Geissmann

Director of Property Management (Vaud)
T.  +41 58 810 37 25

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