Luxury Selection



SPG One aims to look for, sell and lease prestigious properties. In order to be your best partner, we have entered into an exclusive affiliate agreement with Christie’s International Estate, the global benchmark in the luxury real estate sector. This privileged alliance allows us to offer our customers a selection of prestigious properties throughout the world and ensure an irreproachable service at international level.

We are present in the cantons of Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Vaud, Geneva, Valais and Jura, as well as in the Gstaad region. We offer our customers discretion, attentiveness, availability and language skills. But we go beyond that. We meet special requests, mostly legal and tax-related ones, that are different from the usual ones we receive from our local customers, and offer a complete overview of the different cantonal and regional markets.


SPG One :

Route de Chêne 36
Case postale 6255
1211 Geneva 6
+41 58 861 31 00


Maxime Dubus

T.  +41 79 464 83 58

Luxury Selection

Overview of our portfolio


Prestigious properties in the canton of Geneva


Prestigious properties in the canton of Vaud


Prestigious properties in the mountains

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